Judge’s Viagra-themed light-cover faces stiff opposition

A senior Queens judge allowed a bawdy Viagra-themed light-switch cover to remain in his courtroom for at least a year — even after a female lawyer complained that it was...

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Relief at a Stiff Price I: Marketing to the Male Ego

This September, Advertising Age headed a report “Viagra Tries More Direct Approach To Get Rise Out of Men.” It referred to the newest ad campaign for the purple pill, f...

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Parliament face-sit-in to spark mass debate on UK's stiff smut stance

Brits plan Python-powered protest (of the Monty kind) over XXX web stream rules The august members of Blighty's Parliament may have a rather unusual sight to see on Friday: glancing out of their office windows, they could cop an eyeful of pro-porn protesters staging a graphic demonstration of their ire.…

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Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance

No sex please, we're idiots – new ban on XXX acts in effect UK smut-makers will be bound by a new set of rules that bans some forms of sexual behavior – but only when viewed from servers in Blighty.…

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Stiff upper lip? The many porn searches of UK politicos, staff

Servers in the UK Parliament's network have been asked to find pornography 300,000 times since May 2012. Is this why the country's prime minister wants a porn filter? Originally posted at Technically Incorrect

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Viagra maker Pfizer faces stiff competition from generic rivals as patent expires

Viagra maker Pfizer faces stiff competition from rival drug makers this month when the UK patent for its blockbuster drug expires, opening the door for generic imitations that could be sold for as little as 85p.        

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Man faces stiff charges for trafficking fake Viagra, Cialis

HOUSTON - Timothy Ross Estabrook, 52, has been charged with trafficking in counterfeit Viagra® and Cialis®, introducing and delivering misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, smuggling and conspiracy,

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Stiff Competition: Are NFL Players Using Viagra to Boost Playing Performance?

You're an NFL player, looking for that extra edge, so what do you do? Get some extra rest, do a few more reps in the gym, chug another sports drink? Maybe all you need is to pop a pill or two. You know, the little blue pill.

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Arrest for Viagra possession was a little stiff: lawsuit

A Bronx man claims he did two days of hard time after an NYPD detective arrested him on a limp charge — possessing Viagra.

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'Viagra addiction' needs a stiff rebuke

A new report claims increasing numbers of young men are addicted to Viagra - but that's just fantasy, argues Dr Brooke Magnanti.

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