The Strange Occurrence of Animal Suicide

Can an animal commit suicide? While there are many tales of non-human creatures taking their own lives, the survival instinct is incredibly strong—it’s hard to imagine animals as capable of understanding the concepts involved in such a grave decision. And yet these things seem to happen, as in the case of a few overworked donkeys in Sudan, that several years ago, apparently chose death over ...

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Student commits suicide after porn video leaks

Alyssa Funke, a 19-year-old student at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, committed suicide after online commenters bombarded her Twitter and Facebook accounts with nasty comments over a porn video she had posted, but police investigators are not treating her case as criminal harassment. “I’m Stella Ann. I’m 18, from Minnesota, and I’m really...  [Read More...]

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Porn Star Belle Knox Speaks Out On Alyssa Funke Suicide: ‘That Could’ve Been How It Ended For Me Too’

Belle Knox has written an open letter in response to the death of 19-year-old Alyssa Funke, who took her life after she was outed as a porn actress. Funke, who was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, shot herself on April 16 after being cyberbullied by her former high school classmates. The students outed her as the star of a porn video, and her parents say they believe the ...

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Dating show cancelled after contestant suicide

Dating show nixed after contestant suicide

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Facebook Dating Ad Showed Alleged Rape and Suicide Victim

Dating websites have been known to throw random people's pictures into their advertisements. Sometimes the randoms are stock models. Sometimes they are married women whose Facebook profiles have been exploited. And sometimes it is a 17-year-old who committed suicide after allegedly being raped by four teen boys, who circulated photographs ... More »        

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Facebook sorry for suicide dating ad

Facebook apologises for promoting an advert which used the photo of a teenager who had committed suicide earlier this year after cyber-bullying.

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'Revenge porn' victim fights to change nation's laws- Answers still elusive in 'bullied' Conn. teen's suicide

Holly Jacobs, 30, is fighting to change the nation's laws after private nude images of herself were posted on so-called "revenge porn" websites, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, without her consent or knowledge.

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Sex offender program reports first suicide

A man committed to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program took his own life last weekend, Minnesota Department of Human Services officials said Monday. It was the first suicide in the program's history.

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Paris Jackson: Judge ‘orders investigation’ into suicide attempt

A judge has allegedly ordered an investigation into Paris Jackson's suicide attempt following reports of instability in the Jackson household. According to TMZ, Judge...

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Dad denies using daughter in child-porn extortion plot after professor's suicide

HOUSTON -- A Louisiana man denied on Tuesday that he used his daughter to lure a college professor into a sexually explicit online relationship and then blackmailed him.The professor, James Arnt Aune, of Texas A&M University, jumped to his death from the roof of a campus parking garage in January after paying part of an alleged demand for $5,000, sending a text to the man saying "Killing mysel...

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