Fake Viagra gang netted £10m selling bogus drug through mail order fishing tackle business

A gang which made at least £10million selling fake Viagra via a bogus mail order fishing tackle business, have been jailed. The "highly organised, large-scale criminal enterprise" netted the gang up to £60,000 a week.

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Counterfeit drug gang jailed after raking in £10million by selling fake Viagra while pretending to be a fishing tackle ...

One group based in southern England was headed by Neil Gilbert (pictured), who made up to £60,000 a week selling unlicensed and counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting customers.

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Fraud gang raked in £11million selling fake Viagra around the world through bogus mail-order fishing tackle business

Businessman Seth Pennington, 41, of Brighton, is one of eight gang members involved in the eight-year scam which laundered money through bank accounts held in the UK and overseas.

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Plans to tackle child sex abuse

A national action plan to tackle child sex abuse in Scotland is announced, amid a warning the problem is widespread.

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Comment: We can't tackle revenge porn using existing laws

We're not the sort to demand legislation where it's not needed, but the only way to protect the victims of revenge porn is a dedicated law

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New law to tackle 'revenge porn' in UK?

Jilted lovers who post "revenge pornography" on the internet could face prosecution, ministers said yesterday, as they warned that the practice is becoming increasingly common in the UK.Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, said...

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Experts tackle child sex abuse problem

Sex abuse prevention experts on Tuesday called for systemic changes to the way educators, youth service workers and others fight the scourge of child molestation.

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Rwanda to tackle school sex abuse

Rwanda's education minister promises to tackle sex abuse in schools after a report revealed that 43% of surveyed students had been victims.

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Girls 'feel under pressure to look like porn stars': Teacher urges MPs to tackle online filth

Girls as young as 13 are being pushed to conform to an ‘extreme’ porn-star aesthetic, Helen Porter, a teacher at a girls school in Berkshire has claimed because of the ready availability of online pornography.

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Teens Tackle Dating Violence

Teens Tackle Dating Violence

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