Sexologist says porn should be taught alongside sex ed

Sex education in schools can be a contentious issue but an idea from a Danish sexologist is sure to set a new bar for controversy. Aside from the obligatory birds and...

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What a Dating Experiment Taught This Entrepreneur Turned Reality TV Star

While searching for romance on Bravo's 'Friends to Lovers,' public relations entrepreneur Kris Ruby also learned a lot about business.

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Sex education: how it is taught here and abroad

MPs want sex education to be made compulsory in English state schools. What happens now - and how does this compare with other countries?

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Lessons in life that online dating taught me

I learned the value of enjoying my own company, trusting my instincts and taking control. Oh, and the power of small talk While writing a guide to dating on the internet , I spent a lot of time revisiting the ghost of dates past. Before meeting my fiance online I was, on various occasions, bored to tears, catfished (pursued by someone who seemed to have an extensive selection of identities and ...

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Sex / Health / Fitness: Getting tested: What my diagnosis taught me

"I wish I knew then, what I know now about HIV – how to treat it, but more importantly, how to prevent it."

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Sex on the syllabus: what are our children taught?

Agendas, truths and lies: do students get unbiased information? This series on sex education explores who teaches it and what young people want to know

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Everything Porn Taught You Is Wrong [CRACKED Book Excerpt]

Credit: Weknowmemes Our drinking buddies (and procrastination-enablers) at Cracked just released their second book, "The De-Text Book," which busts myth after myth that you probably believe. And since porn teaches guys plenty of misconceptions about sex, here's an excerpt to keep you from mistaking fantasy for reality, unless your sex life is way crazier than […]

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PopCom says sex education must be taught in all schools

A COMPREHENSIVE sex education must be taught in all schools in the region to address the increasing cases of teenage pregnancy where Northern Mindanao ranked fourth among the areas in the country with prevalent incidents of youth pregnancies. Neil Aldrin G.

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Lebanon County teens taught of dating turned violent

When parents recall high school dating experiences, they might conjure memories of going to movies; holding hands in school hallways; long, whispered phone calls; and using the family vehicle for a little romantic privacy.

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Porn and Slut Shaming Dangers Should be Taught in School to Stop Sexism

Jessica Ringrose, senior lecturer at the Institute of Education, says young people must be taught about gender equality issues in order to give boys and girls the tools to form healthy gender relationships.

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