Man Seeking Woman's 10 Best Visual Metaphors for How Terrible Dating Is

Dating is the pits—there's no two ways about it. Single life requires you to constantly primp (and sometimes pimp) yourself on the off chance that you'll find someone who's willing to give you a shot, only to wind up at home by yourself, 60 bucks poorer and eating takeout, before repeating the process the very next night. Meanwhile, it seems like everyone else on the planet is reveling in their ...

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Slurpee Waves Are The Best Thing to Come Out of Massachusett's Terrible Winter

Photo by Jonathan Nimeroh While Chicago is currently receiving the gift of lake-effect snow from Lake Michigan, Massachusetts is getting “slurpee waves” on the Nantucket coast. The water is half frozen, so the slushy combination ice and water waves are cresting and crashing onto the beach. Surfer/photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, who captured pictures of the waves, told Stay Wild , “Just been ...

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Your sex is a terrible wound

Recently, we were informed that Afzal Guru and Shafqat Hussain were forced to have anal sex as part of torture and humiliation in Tihar jail.

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Hollywood’s Disability ‘Inspiration Porn’ Is Terrible, But Here’s How We Can Fix It

The general consensus is that American Horror Story: Freak Show is a gift. Sure, the story lines have been teetering on the rails for the last two episodes. But it’s one of a pathetically few places you’ll see a talent like Mat Fraser on television.

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Threesomes are Actually a Terrible Idea

Sometimes threesomes can get—gasp—boring. What if you finish in minutes and your bedmates go on for an hour? Guys, life isn’t an XXX-film.

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This Shows Why Dating in the 1980s Was Terrible

The next time you find yourself grumbling while browsing eHarmony, take a second to reflect back on a time before online dating, when you couldn't stalk potential dates on Facebook. That scary time was called the '80s.

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