Machester Police hunt for missing sex offender but won't name them

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed a person convicted of sex offences has disappeared from the Bolton area and could be anywhere in the UK.

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Want more tomato flavor in your recipes? Just give them a squeeze from this tube.

The newest offering in London-based Taste #5?s line of tomato-based flavor pastes is Bomba! XXX.

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Same-sex couples wed in Alabama despite efforts to block them

Tori Sisson and Shanté Wolfe of Tuskegee, Alabama, camped outside the Montgomery County Courthouse overnight, hoping that when the sun rose Monday, they'd be the first same-sex couple to be legally married in the county.

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One to Remote them all

Working Functions:- IR Code Database- Learn a new Code and upload to Database (only on HTC devices)- Grouped Code Types, let me know...

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How the Towns of Bland, Dull, and Boring Made Their Lame Names Work for Them

Last year, three little, oft-maligned towns across the world decided it was time to transcend their stigma and use their unfortunate names as a force for good. United by common pain—and the prospect of a little extra tourism—the municipalities of Bland, Australia; Boring, Oregon; and Dull, Scotland teamed up to create what they call the League of Extraordinary Communities, but which many have ...

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5 HPV myths and the facts behind them

Most will get it and never know it, and many who know they have it will never feel it. 

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Somali sex gang members who abused and raped British girls aged 13-17 are jailed for 40 years between them

The victims were preyed upon, sexually abused and trafficked across Bristol to be passed around the men's friends for money. Mohamed Jumale (pictured) was among the seven men jailed today.

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Experts say porn can warp childrens' view of sex, so how can we protect them?

The openness of the Internet has made accessing pornography, well, child’s play. Meanwhile, experts warn that widely- and easily-available explicit sex images can potentially damage children’s sexual development by creating a warped sense of what real sex is all about and dehumanizing their image of sexuality. The issue was the focus of a one-day symposium Monday in Winnipeg organized by Beyond ...

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Porn stars want Google to help them combat piracy

Much like Google has done with the music industry, the porn industry wants the search giant to help display legitimate links more prominently than illegitimate ones in an effort to combat piracy. The post Porn stars want Google to help them combat piracy appeared first on Digital Trends .

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Wasps Choose the Sex of Their Young—but Climate Can Foil Them

It's a good thing human sex isn't determined the same way a parasitoid wasp's is, because "sugar and spice and everything nice" is much easier to rhyme than "sperm and moderate temperatures." But that's what little wasp girls are made of. A mother wasp can choose the sex of each egg she lays by deciding whether or not to fertilize it. Depending on the temperature of her environment, though, she ...

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