People who can focus on the importing things and ignore the 'noise' are the most successful

Carl Thomas from XXX Church has high respect for people who can focus on important things and ignore the "noise" around them, because these people are the ones who find the greatest success.

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‘The Boy Next Door’ Interview: Rob Cohen on Heating Things Up & ‘xXx 3′

If you’re curious to know what audiences will be talking about after they see The Boy Next Door this weekend, it will either be the steamy love scene between stars Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman or the film’s winky schlock factor.

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Things Are Looking Up in America's Porn Industry

The porn industry got in a lot of fights in 2014, and from the look of things, 2015 is going to be a brawler of a year as well.

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Sex, Drugs and Pluralistic Ignorance: Why Smart Groups Do Dumb Things

A new study finds that popular high schoolers have much less sex than their peers think. It's part of a deeper lesson in how misperceptions can make good people behave badly.

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10 Things I Learnt Trying Online Dating for the First Time

How Singaporeans Can Meet 'The One' 

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Dating Vs Marriage: Things You Should Consider Before You Pop The Question.

The secrets of a happy marriage remains a secret. - Henny Youngman Why do you want to get married ? So you have been dating for 3 or more years. You are so used to each other than you probably know everything you need to know about your significant other. Yes, you do turn up at dinners together but spend the time staring at your phone than talking to each other and it is always better when other ...

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5 things to know about child sex trafficking

The 168 minors rescued last month during a nationwide FBI crackdown on child sex trafficking included juveniles who never had been reported missing in the first place. It's a population that law enforcement encounters often and that especially concerns child welfare advocates.

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VIDEO: Things Got Weird on Dating Naked's Premiere (No Surprise)

As if dating shows weren't skeevy enough, VH1'sDating Naked arrived to give you even more second-hand embarrassment.On Thursday'sseries premiere, couples went on their first naked dates, but the nudity didn't stop there.

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Online Dating

If you’re looking for the perfect match, here are five ways online dating might just sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen.

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Dating Over 50: The five things to keep in mind

Finally – you met someone great online! You went on a first date, and you kind of liked each other. Then you went on a second date, and you got those butterflies.

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