Diane Lane and Tony Shalhoub almost rescue contrived ‘Mystery of Love & Sex’

“The Mystery of Love & Sex” takes on so much that it could have been titled “The Mystery of Love, Sex, Racism, Sexism, Religion, Confused Romantic Feelings & Dealing With...

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Poor Public Servants, Tony Blair Wants You Paid More

Photo by Andy Mettler Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair penned an op-ed for the New York Times late last week under the headline “Is Democracy Dead?” In it, Blair lamented the “general state of malaise and disillusionment” plaguing democratic politics these days, rooting this vague sentiment in the fact that people all over believe change isn’t happening quickly enough. Essentially, Blair says ...

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Tony Goldwyn 'Went Bright Red' Over 'Scandal' Phone Sex Scene

Actor says recent phone sex scene was the raciest he's done on show.

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Tony Goldwyn on His "Really Hot" Scandal Phone Sex Scene: "I Went Bright Red," Was "Really Embarrassed"

Too hot to handle! As Olivia Pope's illicit lover on ABC's Scandal , Tony Goldwyn has filmed some pretty racy sex scenes with costar Kerry Washington . But as he revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, Dec. 1, even he was a little shocked by the script for episode seven of season four, which called for President Fitzgerald Grant to tell Olivia, in graphic detail over the phone, all the ...

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Sex line grandmother 'Gloria' labels PM Tony Abbott's wink 'sleazy' and 'slimy'

The 67-year-old telephone sex worker whose conversation with Tony Abbott went viral yesterday has labelled the Prime Minister's reaction "sleazy" and "slimy".

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Hulk Hogan Teases Physical Involvement at WrestleMania XXX, More News on Tony Schiavone

- As noted, former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone was at WWE headquarters recently, likely to film footage for DVD projects and the WWE Network. Regarding a potential return to WWE commentary, Schiavone said on Twitter that his voice probably couldn't handle it these days.

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Kerry Washington's Scandal Sex Scenes Are "Embarrassing," Says Tony Goldwyn: "My Wife Doesn't Watch"

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn's Scandal sex scenes may look super sexy, but they're not exactly glamorous to film. "Well, if you think about doing a sex scene with 30...

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Tony Goldwyn: Scandal Sex Scenes With Kerry Washington Are "a Problem" for My Wife

Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington's sizzling chemistry on ABC's Scandal is too hot to handle -- espe[...]

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