Who took the sex out of the sexual revolution?

Third-wave feminism has been complicit in returning women to neo-traditional ideals of domesticity and monogamy “Simply delicious: my year of wild oats” – US author Robin Rinaldi’s new book , or to give it its official title, “controversial new book”, sounds a little naff in the precis. She spent a year having an open marriage, renting a little flat during the week and returning to her husband ...

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Epstein took ‘sex slave’ on trip before ‘pimping her out’

Jeffrey Epstein took his teenage “sex slave” on a seven-day private-jet getaway before allegedly pimping her out to Prince Andrew in London in 2001, the Times of London reported on...

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Lost Photos Found: 'Deep Throat' Star Linda Lovelace Took Porn Mainstream

'Deep Throat' was the first porn film to be reviewed by The New York Times and opened the doors for women to enjoy and experiment with their sexuality. After 1973, porn became more mainstream.        

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Viagra DOESN'T improve relationships: Men who took the drug said their overall life satisfaction hadn't changed

Experts say the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, highlights the need to highlight psychological issues, and not just the mechanics.

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Sex video accused doctor took virginity

A doctor who allegedly videoed himself having sex with a patient took the woman's virginity, a Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal hearing heard today.        

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DVLA tax discs: Tall stories for not paying car tax include man who took too much Viagra and could not leave house

The DVLA has released details of the top 10 silliest excuses given by the one per cent of drivers who do not buy a tax disc for their vehicle.

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What Happened When I Took My Dating Life Mobile

The bar was empty as I waited. Outside it was snowing and dark, another typical evening of what seemed like of what was an endless blanket of snow. Or, as we call it, February in Boston.  "Can I get you a drink?" the bartender asked. "I am meeting someone," I said. "I will wait until ... the person I am supposed to meet shows up." I glanced at my phone for the time. It was the same phone that ...

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Child Porn Video Goes Viral On Facebook, Took Eight Hours To Be Deleted From The Site

A child porn video managed to circulate on Facebook for nearly eight hours before it was removed from the site. The video was shared 16,000 times and received 4,000 likes as Twitter users tweeted their outrage over the video.

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"MP took Viagra pill then groped me" says former Westminster aide

And in the decade I was there I knew all about men abusing positions of power to take advantage of women. I had to dodge a Viagra-popping MP with just one thing on his mind, breast touching, inappropriate comments – you name it, I faced it.

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U.S. lawyer who took daughter to Canada for sex convicted of child exploitation

CONCORD, N.H. - A New Hampshire lawyer who took her daughter to Canada to videotape her having sex with a young Ontario man has been convicted of exploiting the 14-year-old to produce child pornography.

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