Subsequent revenge porn charges could turn into felonies

Sharing private images to hurt someone -- a tactic known as revenge porn -- gets a lot of eyebrow raises when mentioned, but one Florida State University student is telling lawmakers the crime is real and has devastating consequences.

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Students turn to sex work to make ends meet at university, study finds

Research shows one in 20 students has worked in sex industry to fund lifestyles, just get by or reduce debts, with more men than women involved Many students are secretly turning to sex work to fund basic living costs while at university, a study has found. Research by Swansea University shows one in 20 students has worked in the sex industry while studying for a degree, and men are more likely ...

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Turn The Subway Into A Digital Gallery With Your Smartphone

What if billboards didn’t have to be boring? This is one of the central questions posed by NO AD , an augmented reality app by Re+Public that “replaces” static subway signs with moving, digital art when activated. Recently Re+Public (an ongoing collaboration between PublicAdCampaign , The Heavy Projects , and The Subway Art Blog ) turned the entire NYC subway system into a makeshift gallery with ...

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Dating sites turn to pets as matchmaking criteria

They're known as man's - and woman's - best friends. But our furry, four-legged companions may also be getting a reputation as matchmakers!

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Zero Matches On Dating Apps Leave This Singaporean With No Choice But To Turn To YouTube

Avid readers of Vulcan Post would be familiar that we have covered dating apps extensively here. Why? Everyone loves. From popular dating app Paktor to dating app Between made specifically for couples, there is an ocean of apps out there dedicated to helping singles discover each other. Or so we thought. 24 year old Singaporean Terry Chia had no luck with dating apps on his quest for his Mrs ...

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Porn addiction may turn women into hypersexuals: Study

London, July 8 (IANS) Not just fantasies, but heavy porn viewing may make some women "hypersexual" - to have sex so frequently that it may cause them problems, a fascinating study reveals.

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Teen dating takes violent turn for nearly 1 in 6 young people with both genders

Dating during the teen years takes a violent turn for nearly 1 in 6 young people, a new study finds, with both genders reporting acts like punching, pulling hair, shoving, and throwing things.

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Pupils in Lagos schools turn classrooms to porn Centres

Dressed in their neat uniforms and looking prim for school, children are adorable and most parents don’t know what theirs are capable of behind their backs. A few weeks ago, while a science class was going on in a public secondary school in Ikeja, Lagos, a pupil was sighted at the back of the class...  [Read More...]

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Does hardcore porn turn women on?

"There is a real interesting phenomenon in women's sexuality - not seen in men's - and that is this divide between what erotica should be and what actually turns women on," neuroscientist Ogi Ogas was quoted as saying. An interesting correlation is found between women who like hardcore porn and certain personality traits. "Women who like hardcore porn tend to be more aggressive, more socially ...

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Does Japanese Shunga turn porn into art? | Katie Engelhart

A British Museum exhibition raises important questions about the juncture between art and free speech, some of which are unique to our digital age Near the entrance to the exhibition, a medium-sized image depicts a Japanese woman in loose, sensuous clothing that parts to reveal a cheeky flash of pale leg. Other paintings leave less to the imagination; they are replete with pubic hair and sex ...

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