What Happens When Men Use Viagra Recreationally?

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler joins HuffPost Live and explains what happens when men use Viagra recreationally.

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When age matters: precise dating of ancient charcoal found near skull is helping reveal unique period in prehistory

The precise dating of ancient charcoal found near a skull is helping reveal a unique period in prehistory. The Manot Cave, a natural limestone formation, had been sealed for some 15,000 years. It was discovered by a bulldozer clearing the land for development, and the first to find the partial skull, which was sitting on a ledge, were spelunkers exploring the newly-opened cave. Five excavation ...

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What to do when dogs embarrass their owners

Many dog owners have experienced that moment of embarrassment when, sitting in your living room with guests or your in-laws, your dog chooses that moment to ‘scoot’ across the floor dragging his bum along the carpet!

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Kelly: Roses don’t cut it when online dating experience turns out to be a scam

Part 2: Things take a dark turn in Montgomery County woman?s online dating odyssey.

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The awkwardness of dating when disabled

Disabled people talk about their worst encounters

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Night or day, when is sex most ideal?

One of the major bones of contention between married lovers is the timing for sex. It appears there is never a bad time to have sex, be it in the morning, afternoon or night, and being one of the most pleasurable activities in marriage, the truth is sex has no definite time or venue before...  [Read More...]

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What's Behind Online Dating Fraud? iovation Quantifies the How Often, What, When and Where

iovation, the trusted source for mobile and online fraud prevention, today released statistics, insights and advice surrounding the anatomy of online dating fraud. This includes specifics around what kind ...

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When sex leads to sudden death

We cannot deny that having sex or making love is one of the most enjoyable activities for married couples. Sex not only increases marital harmony but improves overall health. Many studies have confirmed that sex can burn enough calories, improve heart health, reduces stress and be very gratifying. Having sex is a healthy activity, but...  [Read More...]

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Bum rap for prisoners who brawled with officers when anal search went awry

PRISONERS almost started a “mini riot” over an anal search, a district judge was told.

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Your Self-Esteem Affects When and How You Flirt

So you're browsing through Cosmopolitan reading article after article promising useful dating advice. You then decide to create an online profile for a dating site, with the hope that online dating will help you meet someone new. What you don't realize is that looking at those article titles, combined with ... More »

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